Sweeney Ty

by Ty Bru

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released October 21, 2016



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Track Name: No Place Like...(prod by Ty Bru)

(There's no place like hip hop)
(Sweeney Ty)

Yo Sweeney, I can see right through the fog
We're about to reach our destination, I'm in awe
Been around the world and with everything I saw,
This takes the cake, I can't wait to do it all
Make a hit album, see whats the outcome
Until the whole world know everything about him
Crowds stay shouting, numbers we counting
There's no place like hip, so why you pouting

(You are young, life has been kind to you.....you will learn) from play

I too have sailed the world and saw its wonders
I have noticed whack MC's by abundance
They trying to run corners, but they just dunces
Without degrading sayings, they can't function
I had something deeper instilled in me
But they're turning this beauty into filth and greed
And they're trying to push away us with the milky breed
Today turning on the radio is killing me
I beg your indulgence, my mind far from easy
Shadows everywhere and the ghosts, they see me
Believe me, when I say the law is greedy
They got both hands in the pot and they’re so greasy

They stripped away my pride and my patience
They took away my family and my razors
They say vengeance is way too contagious
After 15 years, I broke free from my cages
Hopped on a boat, asked Anthony a favor
Now he's so happy that we finally made it
There's no place like this, thats what he's saying
Take my advice, you’re too young and courageous
The pious vultures, that make laws and the papers
Run that place full of shit, its disgracing
You will learn, don’t get your hopes too high
Cause life is as dark as that cities skyline

Track Name: Attend The Tale Of Sweeney Ty (prod by Ty Bru)

(Mightier Than The Sword Records)

This is a story, this is a little tale
On how the world sucks, on how the system fails
Now pass the zinfandel, I never kiss and tell
I let the blood flow, homie, I aint sickle cell
I am consistent, hell, I play positions well
I am persistently hitting off the richter scale
I make the pistol smell, I make the missiles yell
I love dark nights, I aint Christian Bale
A-yo my mission hails, from the district jail
This is no wishing well, It's just the fists from hell
I got you blistered swell, And yeah I whip your tail
It's Sweeney Ty, for those who aint listen well

(Sweeney wishes the world away......) from play

I’m a rude mother fucker, take a look at my life
The government got me down, took my daughter and wife
Feeling like killing, but I ought to just write
Creeping up in the boat on the water at night
You can’t blame me, I’m a father, I fight
And a husband on top, so I’m not as polite
Yo my temperature's reaching new thermometer heights
Murder up on my mind, and my palm got a knife
I’ve been thinking about her, Igot insomnia nights
Nothing in this world's going to be calming my mind
It's hard to decline this army of mine
That I’ve assembled, Yes, It's me, myself and It's I
Right now I might pretend that I'm fine
But my mind wound tight, I’ve got on my grind
I’ve got to find my friends to put right by my side
Cause these razors got me feeling like killing these swine

(Sweeney wishes the world away......) from play
Track Name: Drip Rubies (prod by Ty Bru)

(At last my arm is complete again) from film
(Mightier Than The Sword Records )
(Sweeney Ty, Sweeney Ty)

I took some trips overseas, I was head over knees
Actually, I was after bread and the cheese
Brain on pause and my head on freeze
Revenge is a seed that will spread the disease
Until you resting in peace, infested deceased
Brain dead, ne'er fed, I’m laid to the sea
Enraged by the beat, embracing the heat
Never knew how much of a slave I could be
It's amazing to me, how I felt the degrees
That the M-I-C could take on me
I let it go thought I was blatantly free
But when I came back they awakened the beast
Now that I’m here, yall will taste the defeat
In case you are weak, stay away from my street
Asheboro, Elm, Its still the same to the T
My microphone's my friend, it will blaze rubies

I got my chase silver, chase liquor
The waste of a great picture
Revenge that tastes bitter, drip blood thats way thicker
The movies good, but the play way sicker
Hey mister ty, wont you come play with us
By the sea, day tripper, A-kicker
Attitude that stay bicker, richer than a fistful of nickels
Trickling rubies, hic ups is oozing
Im missing my ohh wee, and Bruski the new breed

(Friends, You shall drip rubies, you'll soon drip precious rubies) from film
Track Name: Elixir (prod by Ty Bru)

(Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please!!) from play
(Sweeney Ty, Sweeney Ty)
(Yeah, Yeah)

We’ve got the elixir to fix you up
Perfect ten when we blend and we mix it up
Music, smokes, drinks, yeah the vicious stuff
Listen to the track homie, keep your lip just shut
If you got it break it down and twist it up
Pack it tight, right, roll it and lick the dutch
Enhale, exhale, hell, kiss a puff
If you down with us pump your fist and knucks
And tell the whole damn world that the system sucks
The poor getting poorer and the rich get bucks
It goes round and round like a winston cup
But they never claim crook like Nixon up
I call it like I see it, ink, piss and bluff
If your’e too niave, yeah your wrists get cuffed
I guess thats an innocent victims luck
Get fifteen years in the prison, uhhhkk

(Are your nostrils a quiver and tingling as well at the delicate lashes ambrosial smell?
Yes they are I can tell, well ladies and gentelmen) from play

Mightier the the sword, they're down with us
Iconoclast, Double J man they're down with us
Stitchy C and E Dot, man they're down with us
Ty Writer, DJ Dric, man they're down with us
R-Kitech and Hit Squad, man they're down with us
Marcus and God City, man they're down with us
J-Coleman and Thanos, is down with us
Phillip Oliver Holes is down with us
Matt Irie and Jay D, they're down with us
The One Kemist, Abdul is down with us
Tenacious and Medic is down with us
Blaze Belushi and Mackie is down with us
Mr. Gavity and Kreep man they're down with us
G-Groove Entertainment is down with us
Metaphor and Donald Duck is down with us
E456 smoke a pound with us
The rest is amateurs
Track Name: Pretty Women/Black Pit (prod by Ty Bru)

Door Slams
(Mr. Todd?)
(At your service) from film
(Mightier Than The Sword Records)

Relax and have a sit
But I got to warn you, you’re going to get what you get
When you think with your dick
Trying to get with a chick, that don’t give a shit if you even exist
Stay cool outside, but inside I am pissed
Shave a little bit and then slit that prick quick
His morals aren’t worth what a pig could spit
And the vermin of the world inhabit this
Great black pit, wait! thats it
I'll take my time and then I make that slit
From jaw to jaw and replace my fit
Of anger, until my fate gets twist-
ed up in a facade of contentment
Resentment, isn’t the topic of this convention
I just do my job and start pretending
I’m happy, whistling about pretty women

(In a merry mood today mister todd...)from film

(There's a whole in the world, like a great black pit, and its filled with people
who are filled with shit and the vermin of the world inhabit it, but not for long,
They all deserve to die...) from play
(It's my theme song)
(Mightier Than The Sword Records)
(Sweeney Ty Iconoclast)
(Sweeney Ty)

Its Sweeney Ty, so meet the menace
I’m back on the scene so the peace has ended
They deserve to die is the speech I’m singing
Before this is over Im going to eat that sentence
There's no taste that is sweet as vengeance
Slit throats, put human meat in blenders
Supply and demand yo, the feast is endless
Beggar in the back to increase the tension
She needs to die, Turpin and Beadle
Kill them with razors, murder with needles
Pirelli got it first, he heard I’m illegal
Paint pictures with blood, the chair my easel
They can all get it quick, shit! I hate people
The pious vultures of the law ain't my equal
They all deserve it, turn them into cheap food
Yeah I’m evil but I’m talking me too

(they all deserve to die.........) from play

They used to call me Benjamin Barker
Once naive and a sensitive talker
Now I kill men, with a pen and a marker
Razor blade brigade, hey I will conquer
Anything, anyone, yeah I’m a monster
Even me and Miss Lovett, I’m believing in karma
Hate breeding in me speedily getting stronger
On a rampage, cant wait, I hate my former
Self, for being foolish, I am so somber
Days getting short and the nights getting longer
Hunger, building up, touching my rib cage
Misplaced the perfect moment because the kid raced
Into my shop, the judge done hopped
Went into the lot, put my plan to a stop
I was so hot, he was almost got
Shouting at the top of my lungs, GETOUT!

(Out I say...out!!!) from play
Track Name: Customers/Listen To Me Please (prod by Ty Bru)

(We’ll take the customers that we can get) from play

I murder MCs, then recycle ‘em in rhymes
By writing up some lines, bust ‘em right up in the spine
Then send ‘em to the grind, make ‘em right into some pies
Then I sell them for the dime, yeah its all about the time
I had a girlfriend that used to tell me I could shine
But she shaded up my mountain and she never let me climb
Instead of moving forward I was taking steps behind
I had to let the chick go because she clouded up my mind
Outside its man eating up mankind
So I got to do that every time that I’m inclined
To write, remember that these are desperate times
And the testament that I’m respecting as mine
Is exactly that, as a matter of fact
The catalyst cat, anywhere on atlas or maps
Blast, crash, we on the fastest of tracks
And we can get customers with the passion of rap

(These are desperate times Mrs. Lovett, and desperate measures
must be taken….here we are now, hot out of the oven….
what is that) from play

It’s a little lean marine, but the priest is best
Mrs. Lovetts savory pies, you eat for less
The politician pies turn into a greasy mess
But the Judge, yes! Will turn into a sweet finesse
Lets start with Pirelli in the secret chest
We got to do it while he’s newly deceased and fresh
Chop up the limbs and we can clean the rest
Money coming in and out to relieve the stress
Fleet Street, yes the best meat you can test
The taste stay all up into your teeth and breath
Welcome to Ty’s Shop and take a seat and rest
And lay back crack rest in peace who’s next?

(City on fire! City on fire!)


(Seems like the good lord sent you for me)
(I know love, I feel quiet the same way)
(Listen to me please, you know there is nothing I
wouldn’t do for you, say if there were someone around,
someone bad, only you didn’t know it)
(What is this, what are you talking about?)
(Nothing's gonna harm you, not while I'm around.
Nothing's gonna harm you, no sir, not while I'm around.
Demons are prowling everywhere, nowadays,
I'll send 'em howling,
I don't care, I got ways.) from film
(Mightier Than The Sword Records)

Never knew I was messing with the devils wife
A barber, proper artist with a knife
The Beadle, The Judge, my love up in a night
Revenge ‘til the end and I’m feeling alright
Chea! Yeah! Once I started killing
My brain on freeze and my heart started chilling
Never knew it was this easy to be a villain
But I can stop right now because I’m building
The thirst for the worst, a curse, I’m in a rage
Another bright red day, so easy to say
Goodbye, I know you less and less each day
The way your pale and yellow hair got that shade
Of your mothers tint, Im getting closer with every inch
Before the judge gets here and I am very tense
The night keeps getting darker and darker
I look at him and yell, IM BEJAMIN BARKER!

(Now Toby dear, I think we’ve had enough of this foolish chatter,
here, how about I give you a nice shiny new penny and you go get
us some toffees)
(That’s Signor Pirelli’s purse!)
(No its not, its just something Mr. T gave me for my birthday)
(That proves it, we got to go ma’am, we got to find the Beadle and
get the law here)

Its ironic the demonic eyes of Mrs. Lovett can covet
Hells names and all the flames of it
She knew what was up and I became her puppet
Knew Lucy was alive and she was suffering
I guess you could say she’s the one I trusted
And who would ever thought she would spread like mustard
When push comes to shove, yeah I’m shoving
Waltz around the room, then toss her in the oven
Screaming, melting, Ah! Disgusting
You are what you eat, flesh combustion
Blood rushing, room hushing
Toby in the sewer, I ain’t hear him coming
Tears running, fear plummets
Down to the ground sincerely crushing
All my love, merely nothing
Ashes to ashes, dust to dusting

(Then we lie together, cry together, I swear to God I hope we fucking
die together) Notorious B.I.G. sample