1. Road To The Independent Music Awards
    Ty Bru & Tenacious

  2. Sweeney Ty
    Ty Bru

  3. The Dopest MCs
    Ty Bru & Tenacious

  4. Buy The Fire
    Ty Bru & Tenacious

  5. TNT (Tenacious & Ty Bru) 3 Track Single
    Tenacious & Ty Bru

  6. Grayscale 2

  7. The Definition Volume One (The Very Best Of The 2005 Appalachian State Graduate)
    Ty Bru

  8. The Lounge 101 Snow Day Mixtape

  9. Heart Core Hip Hop
    Ty Bru

  10. "Take Down" (Single)
    Jae Blacc

  11. "Walkin' Dead" (Single)
    Seven Da Pantha

  12. "From The Outside" (Single)
    What Happened Yesterday

  13. "Beachfront Holiday" (Prod by Ty Bru)
    Matt Irie & Ty Bru

  14. "No Suckaz Allowed" ft. Sadat X (Prod by Jon Jackson)
    Ed E. Ruger & Ty Bru

  15. "Tell Your Mom I Said Thanks"
    Blaze Belushi

  16. Coastal Dreaming
    Matt Irie

  17. "Brown Bag Special Vol. 1"
    Ty Bru, Ed E. Ruger & DJ Phillie Phresh

  18. "Carolina To China Phase II" Mixed By DJ Van Gunz & Hosted By Poe Mack

  19. The Book Of Westtopher

  20. "Grayscale"

  21. "More Than Music"

  22. "Remedial Music"

  23. "The Proclamation"
    Paxx Morris & Big Jaton

  24. "3+3=6"
    Ty Shoffner

  25. "Under The Tree"

  26. Illinform
    William Zaybiane

  27. Peace Through Aggression
    Fight For A Pacifist

  28. No Music No Life

  29. The Sword's Mightiest Volume 1ne
    Mightier Than The Sword Records (Hosted by Mack Jones)

  30. Mightier Than The Sword Records Labor Day 2011 Mix (Given Out 9/3/11 @ SWET)

  31. Fight For A Pacifist "Mama Jama:F4AP Live"

  32. "Carolina To China Vol. 1"

  33. "Sounds For The Sihk" (Instrumental Album)
    Ty Bru

  34. "Pendulum Of Destruction E.P."
    Stitchy C

  35. "Sounds For The Sihk: Coffin Up Blood" (Instrumental Album)
    Ty Bru

  36. "Muzik 4 Tha Blind"

  37. "Whodathunk?"

  38. Summertime EP
    Matt Irie

  39. "Carolina I'll Come Running" (Single)
    Ty Bru

  40. "On The Brink"
    Ty Bru


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